Obama Bros Tell Supporters to Donate to Charity that Funded Hamas

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Obama Bros Urge Donation to Terror-Linked Charity

Crooked Media, the content mill founded by former Obama administration officials, tweeted and then deleted a message urging its supporters to send money to an anti-Semitic charity that has been tied to terrorism.

The company in a Tuesday tweet asked its followers to support several charities, including Islamic Relief, a global charity that several countries have banned for allegedly funneling money to Hamas, the Iranian-backed terror group that is firing thousands of rockets at Israeli civilians.

“Here’s who’s doing great on the ground work to aid the people of Gaza,” Crooked Media wrote in a since-deleted tweet. “Support them if you can.”

— Read more below on freebeacon.com/media/obama-bros-urge-donation-to-terror-linked-charity/

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