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NPR: Whores of the Techno-Apocalypse

“Belief in salvation was once the province of religion,” Brooke Gladstone said on air last Saturday, “but computer science has transferred faith to the god in the machine.”

Without warning, NPR’s On the Mediawent from the usual condescension toward red state Americans to dreams of a superhuman Computer God. Listening to Gladstone’s soothing timbre, you’d think she was informing schoolkids about a new flavor of ice cream.

“The idea is that we’ll possibly be able to upload our minds to some sort of computational substrate,” her guest hissed, “so that our minds will be able to exist there after we die.”

I nearly ran off the road. Has NPR gone from normalizing transgender kids to boosting transhumanism?

The episode featured Meghan O’Gieblyn, author of God, Human, Animal, Machine. Honestly, the book is an excellent history of transhumanist ideas, even if the voice lacks mammalian vigor. On air, though, her blithe tone was absolutely maddening

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