North Carolina High School SUSPENDS 15 Year Old Female Student For Reporting Sexual Assault in Girls Restroom – School Accused Teenager of Filing a False Report Even AFTER Male Student Confessed to Police and Was Charged

Last month, a 15-year-old student in Charlotte, North Carolina confided in her school’s administrators that a classmate had sexually assaulted her in the girl’s restroom. She claimed that the unnamed male student had been following her into the bathroom, groping her without consent and that he had been doing so “for weeks” before she was able to work up the nerve to come forward.

But instead of intervening or protecting her, the woke administrators at the Hawthorne Academy of Health Sciencesinexplicably called her a liar and suspended her for “filing a false report,” even though the police had already charged the male student with two counts of sexual battery and even coaxed a confession out of him.


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