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No, Joe Biden Has Not Been Elected President Elect! – Yet.

Today the same corrupted main stream media outlets that spent months predicting that President Donald Trump would lose overwhelmingly in last Tuesday’s election and also ignored and continues to ignore evidence of Joe Biden’s treasonous acts, involving his son’s business dealing with China and Ukraine, attempted to gaslight the world into believing Joe Biden has been elected president elect.

Even now their are premature celebrations around the world at the perceived election – of a Mafia like crime boss innThe Washington County Auditor’s humble opinion.

But, anyone with a basic understanding of how US elections work knows that the news media doesn’t decide who the president is. The American people do.

So, while those who have consistently lied to the American people about President Donald Trump for years have conspired with a corrupt Democrat party to steal this election The Washington County Auditor will report through the legal recounts and court cases already filed by the Trump Campaign through the certification of all states votes.

One official, The Washington County Auditor will responsibly report won the Presidency for the next four years.

One things for sure it seems, the perceived election of Joe Biden must have led his supporters to believe coronavirus is not a threat at after all. Scores of his supporters are gathered in premature celebration around the country, in violation of CDC Covid 19 Guidelines.

Below you will see some of what the entirety of The American Media Suppressed To Help Joe Biden Get Elected.

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