Nick Sandmann Sends Message to Kyle Rittenhouse; “You are not alone”

While the actual jury is still out as of the end of day yesterday, November 16th, 2021, the mainstream media’s verdict has been in since the very beginning. MSNBC, CNN, The Washington Post, The New York Times and just about every other leftist commentator out there decided that not only was Kyle Rittenhouse guilty of murder, they’ve labeled him a mass shooter, a domestic terrorist, and even a white supremacist.

Even though nobody can truly know the full weight of the burden that Rittenhouse is currently carrying at the moment, one other can at least understand that bile and hatred and vulnerability Kyle faces with leftist media. Nicholas “Nick” Sandmann. Yesterday he wrote a poignant, emotional, and understanding op-ed for the Daily Mail. No child, no young adult can understand the terror felt by the full force of the media’s influence turning on Kyle quite the same way that Nick can.

As Nick states in his own op-ed, his entire life was changed when an activist approached him and began to harass him. Why was he the one harassed? He was just a teenager! Unfortunately for Nick Sandmann he was also a white, Christian teenager who was wearing a red MAGA hat.  That was enough to label him as the worst sort of scum who has spent the past few years fighting legacy media for the lies, both in print and verbally, that were told about him. For the losses of opportunity he incurred because of a rabid media bent on destroying his life, for no other reason than that he was a teenaged boy who they thought was entirely defenseless.

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