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Navy Veteran And Congressional Candidate Brian Flower’s Calls For Impeachment Of Biden/ Harris Over Afghanistan Crisis And Calls For Charges Of Crimes Against Humanity Against Both And Secretary Of State Anthony Blinken.

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Afghanistan CRISIS!

The events that have taken place in Afghanistan or horrific and sickening. To watch the people there, holding on to a C17 aircraft as it’s taking off shows the desperation that they have. American Citizens as well as Afghanistan Nationals were being Beaten as they were trying ito get to the airport!

The order to pull our troops out can only come from the President of the United States. By doing the withdraw the way it was done, several unimaginable consequences took place. First, thousands of people were left stranded and were placed in mortal danger. Requests for help came months ago from the American Embassy in Afghanistan. Yet they were ignored. Second, we left vehicles, weapons, ammunition, clothing, and air power that the enemy is now in control of. There is a word that describes these acts. TREASON!

Now that the Taliban is in control of so many of our weapons and equipment, the terrorist threat level has gone up. In the name of all the people we lost on 9/11/2001 and the current safety of every American citizen, I call on the Chairman of Homeland Security, Bennie Thompson to do right by the American people and close off accesses to the United States. This includes closing and completely securing all of our boarders.

The people responsible for this atrocity need to be held accountable for their actions. I am calling on Congress to begin proceedings of impeachment against the President, the Vice President, and the Secretary of State for “Crime Against Humanity and Treason. I’m also call for a Court-martial of all the Joint Chief of Staff. Finally, I’m call for an independent investigation to be launched to determine if anyone else had any involvement with this crisis.

As an American Citizen, I am demanding that these people be held accountable. However, “We the People” and the “Constitution of the United States of America” demand it as well! Stand with me!

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