Mysterious Black Truck Stalks Teenagers In Greenville After Football Game On Friday Night

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Several days a post originated on Facebook from a concerned citizen about High School Kids being stalked by a mysterious truck after they left their school’s football game. Please see below for the full statement the citizen considers a public safety alert.

“PSA: Last night my daughter left the football game at Washington School with 2 of her friends to return to the Stein Mart parking lot to get one of the girls’ vehicle. While they were swapping bags and things, they noticed a blacked out Toyota Tundra with loud exhaust pipes but didn’t think anything else of it. The 2 girls left in their vehicle going home and Lane headed to our house. It was around 10:00.

She noticed the black truck behind her and felt uneasy about the situation when she got to the intersection of Reed and 82. Normally there are several police officers at this Shell Station, but not last night so she turned onto 82 heading East with the truck still behind her.

In an attempt to lose this vehicle, she turned into Woodlawn Subdivision and circled around the neighborhood, but truck remained behind her. She’s looking for officers at Dodge Store and Double Quick but did not see anybody so she kept going. I don’t know why she didn’t dial 911 at this point, but she didn’t.

This truck followed her all the way outside of Leland to Dunleith Rd, when she turned, he turned too. THat’s when she finally called her daddy. The truck followed her onto Longswitch, but did not follow her to the house. SHe was scared to come home because she didn’t want this person to know where she lived. She made it home safely, thank God!

This happened in Greenville, MS so I am sharing this with you all to please tell your kids to be very cautious of their surroundings. Educate them on what steps they need to take if they are ever in this situation. This may have been a coincidence, but I don’t think it was since he followed her through the neighborhood and back out on the highway for approximately 30 miles.”.

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