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Another Anonymous Source Comes Forth With Claims Of Being Terrorized At The Hands Of The Greenville Police Department.


Please see the claims below.

“On June 24 or 25 of 2020 I was deeply depressed and was having suicidal thoughts, which I have a diagnosis of major depressive disorder, I was at the hospital waiting for whatever they were going to do.

I got up walked out of the hospital (DRMC) and the hospital called the law saying I walked off and was suicidal.

Well a African American officer pulled his car in front of me where I could not walk any further with his lights going. I asked for the lights to be turned off because I have seizures, the officer ignored me.

I was told to get in his fucking car that he was not going to fucking play around. I asked why he was talking to me like that, he stated again get in the fucking car or i will hit you in your face and then put you in my car and then take you back to the hospital.

I was scared at that point so i stayed quiet. The whole time thinking why is this officer being mean and threatening a female that is having suicidal thoughts?

Greenville PD needs to be trained on how to deal with these situations instead of being mean to these people.”

The Washington County Auditor
Independent Investigative Journalist $tommytatumnews

Back in early September one of the Delta’s brightest jewels announced plans to resign from The Greenville Police Department to move to North Mississippi to further her career.

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