More claims from the woman who claims she was drugged and raped at Harlow’s Casino last year.


Alleged Victim Statement Below:

“… Im not sure uf you know this or not but Chuck was arrested for murder of Thomas Macintosh at harlows with 3 other ppl they all are serving prison time for it but he walked on it.
He had been using that same hotel suite for other crimes and nothing has ever been done. David Williams was kicked out of Harlows permanently but Chuck is still allowed to be there…

“…. The sheriff is corrupt and dirty as they come. Whether he was apart of the actual crime or not he participated in keeping everything hush hush. He gave the investigator in the case a promotion instead of firing him. I spoke with chief Barbra and mitch rammage in the sheriff’s department the day jerrell Evans refused to meet with us after he cussed me out and they swore to me chuck and David would be arrested that day. Ive got text messages and voice recordings of my conversations with the sheriff, chief Barbra and evans…”

“She is concerned for my safety and my kids. Ive been threatened and ive literally been hiding out for almost year and moving from place to place so they couldn’t find me. Im so tired of running and hiding. I want my life back. I want my kids to live a normal life and not have to look over their shoulders constantly. I can assure its hell living like this. Jerrell evans went to the jail talked to several snitches and told them I said they were involved he said he couldn’t verify my allegations because everyone denied being involved…”

This is a developing story and The Washington County Auditor will be conducting a video interview with the alleged victim soon. as she she claims to have more evidence and witnesses willing to come forward.
The Washington County Auditor
Independent Investigative Journalist $tommytatumnews

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