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Mississippi’s Attorney General, Lynn Fitch, Now Requires The People Who Pay Her Salary To Communicate Only In Writing – In The Year 2021. Sex Trafficked Victims In Mississippi Now Have To Wait On Snail Mail.

Mississippi Attorney General Lynn Fitch

Mississippi’s Attorney General has now dictated that any communications with her majesty from the serfs that pay her salary must be in writing and presumably hope it makes it in the mail.

In actuality it wont make much of a difference. Her office has failed the people of this state by not taking action against corrupt law enforcement agencies, judges and politicians in Washington County.

The Washington County Auditor was attacked by Election Bailiff Rodney Henderson of Greenville LAST September. There are several other civil rights violations suffered by Thomas Tatum of The Washington County Auditor. We will address those events separately on a later date.

For over a year and with at least 30 phone calls made to the Mississippi AG, absolutely nothing has been done to serve justice.

Mississippi’s AG Seems Uninterested in sexually trafficked women in Washington County, the murder of a would be witness against the Sheriff Milton Gaston and outright tyrannical behavior of Washington County elected employees.

“Let Them Use Snail Mail” seems to be her attitude.

The Washington County Auditor
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