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Washington County Sheriff, Milton Gaston, Implicated In A Drug Smuggling Scandal That Ended With The Execution Of Would Be Witness

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Years ago, south of Greenville at what used to be “Cummings Trailer Park, two men were killed and the murders have gone unsolved for years.

Now the Washington County Auditor has received information from someone who wishes to remain anonymous out of fear for their life.

The source told The Washington County Auditor that years ago, a now deceased Greenville man, Brandon Yeager, had confided in him two weeks before the two murders at Cummings Trailer Park, to stay away from the trailer park because one of the people living there was going to get killed.

The Washington County Auditor does have the name of the man allegedly ordered executed by Washington County Sheriff Milton Gaston.

The way Mr Yeager knew these things is because he was a customer of the sheriff after being shocked after seeing the sheriff in a drug house while drugs were being sold by Mr. Gaston’s family members, the first time.

This must be how he came to know of the execution ordered against the Sheriff’s drug mule turned “snitch” which is why he was allegedly murdered.

The story my source was told by Mr. Yeager was that the drug mule was a former drug dealer that was arrested by local authorities. Then he was threatened into running drugs for Milton Gaston and his nephews. He was told he could do what he was told or he could be killed.

So, the drug mule reluctantly became a part of the Sheriff’s drug smuggling ring.

But eventually he decided to alert other legal authorities outside the county to testify against Sheriff Gaston for his drug smuggling and other crimes.

However the sheriff leaned of his drug mule turning on him the order to have him executed was given.

So on that fateful evening, as the story was told, a sheriff’s car pulled up close to where the victim and Jerry Cummings were standing close by. Whoever was in the car motioned to the victim to come talk to him.

When the victim put his head in the car to speak to the person that is when he was shot in the head. Then Mr Cummings was shot in the neck, leaving him unable to speak until he eventually died from the attack, simply because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The Washington County Auditor does have the name of the victim referenced throughout this story. But is withholding it at this time.

Sheriff Milton Gaston was called and made aware of the allegations by The Washington County Auditor, after leaving a text asking for answers. A voice mail was also left on his phone. At the point this story is being written the Sheriff still has not denied these allegations.

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