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Meet Luke Kuhn, Criminal Antifa Instigator That Stalks The January 6th Vigil

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Luke Kuhn

Luke Kuhn aka “Paul Kuhn” is a convicted J20 activist. 

In 1998, Luke Kuhn was described as “a Rockville resident representing the Utopian Anarchist Party.”[1]


  • 1 Protesting a ‘Gays Against Groomers’ Demo
  • 2 DC Anti-Fascist Coalition
  • 3 Alleged Pedophila Advocate
  • 4 References

Protesting a ‘Gays Against Groomers’ Demo

Journalist Chris Nelson spotted Luke Kuhn protesting a “Gays Against Groomers” demonstration in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on December 3, 2022.[2]

DC Anti-Fascist Coalition

Luke Kuhn was a member of the DC Anti-Fascist Coalition. Luke Kuhn, along with Colin Dunn and Scott Green were captured by Project Veritas on hidden video plotting to disrupt an inauguration party for President Trump with “butyric acid bombs”.[3] Luke Kuhn was arrested and “pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit assault”. He “received no jail time and instead was given 48 hours of community service and told to remain on good behavior.”[4]

Alleged Pedophila Advocate

From “Disobedient Media”:[5]“Disobedient Media has obtained information indicating that Luke Kuhn made a number of posts online advocating for the legalization of pedophilia. Mr. Kuhn made the posts while a member of the Utopian Anarchist Party(UAP) during the late 1990’s. The Utopian Anarchist Party has been identified in other online postings as having links to international child pornography and child exploitation.


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