Monday, December 6, 2021
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McDaniel: It’s Time to End Critical Race Theory in Mississippi | Mississippi Politics and News – Y’all Politics

McDaniel: It’s Time to End Critical Race Theory in Mississippi

There’s been a lot of talk in recent months about Critical Race Theory and whether or not it should be taught in public schools. Several neighboring states that share our values, including Arkansas, Oklahoma, Florida, and Texas, have already banned the controversial subject matter from all classrooms. Mississippi should join them.

So what exactly is Critical Race Theory? 

It is the belief that American society is inherently racist. Specifically, its proponents argue that every institution, be it political, economic, legal, or social, is dominated by white supremacy, that racism is embedded in everything – public schools, the legal system, healthcare, and all of American history. Nothing is spared. 

In 2015, Barack Obama said as much. “The legacy of slavery, Jim Crow, discrimination in almost every institution of our lives. You know, that casts a long shadow, and that’s still part of our DNA that’s passed on. We’re not cured of it. Racism we are not cured of, clearly.”

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