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Greenville Mask Mandate Continues, Adding Punishments For Citizens And Businesses Within Greenville, Mississippi.


On Friday afternoon, at 6:46 P.M., The Office Of The Mayor Of Greenville, Mississippi – issued a press release stating new punishments for disobeying the City Of Greenville’s edicts in regards to the City extending its Communist China Virus restrictions of freedom on its constituents.

Mayor Simmons Statement

“It remains the City of Greenville’s goal to protect and save lives during this pandemic. The rise in COVID-19 confirmed cases has caused the Greenville City Council to establish consequences for violations of the mask mandate. Our purpose here is to allow establishments to operate safely with their full compliance of the mandate and their support to require their employees, customers, visitors, and all in their establishments to comply with the local mandate. I strongly urge all residents to restrict movement to only necessary services, tasks, and activities. Stay home unless you must go to work, go to church, go to the grocery store, pick up medicine, visit a loved one, and/or do other essential things. We cannot relax exercising good personal hygiene, social distancing, use of face masks and/or coverings, or let our guards down as we approach the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday.”

Below are pictured the Attestations Of Compliance for private citizens and businesses the mayor spoke of in his statement.

Listed below are the consequences of disobeying The City Of Greenville’s draconian rules for violating the city’s Wuhan Virus restrictions.

While many of regular hard working people were prepared to stay home for the original “15 days to stop the curve”, going on for over 8 months now, it is the blatant hypocrisy of politicians who fear monger for politics, when they theme selves clearly do not believe the lies they tell the people they are paid to help.

Especially in the poorest part of the country and by enacting business killing unconstitutional “orders” on people scraping by on around $16,000 a year on average, when the mayor makes $70,000 from taxpayers In the municipality.

Keeping that in mind, the salt is rubbed in the womb when the Mayor that imposes these restrictions on his constituents has already made national news by suspending everyone in the city’s God given constitutionally protected right to worship their God. Even as they did so in a responsible way. Even know going so far as to force churchgoers to be exposed to the China virus to take $500 tickets written to them fir the crime of sitting in their parked cars Aguilera listening to their pastor fm give a sermon. Only later to drop all the charges.

More in that story here.

And his brother, Mississippi State Senator Derrick Simmons and clearly aren’t as afraid of the China Virus as their recent actions seem to portray. As the images below will show. In our opinion what you see in the images is rank with hypocrisy, an example of “rules for thee, but not for me?

In this case, the emperor truly has no clothes on. So to say.

And @joebiden needs a talking too as well. As my daddy would have said.

The Washington County Auditor
Independent Investigative Journalist $tommytatumnews

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Greenville Mask Mandate Continues, Adding Punishments For Citizens And Businesses Within Greenville, Mississippi.

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