Wednesday, December 8, 2021
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Mainstream media ignores claims Joe Biden inadvertently paid for Hunter’s sex with a prostitute | Daily Mail Online

Liberal media gives latest Hunter Biden scandal the silent treatment again: New York Times, Washington Post, CNN and MSNBC among outlets ignoring claims Hunter Biden used his dad’s money to accidentally pay escort $25,000 

  • The NYT, WaPo, CNN and MSNBC are among liberal-leaning outlets who have continued to ignore scandals about the president’s son
  • All were happy to focus on Donald Trump’s family while he was president – with CNN publishing two posts about Jared and Ivanka Trump in the last two days  
  • Text messages and receipts show that Hunter Biden may have accidentally spent his father’s money on an escort in 2018, according to the New York Post
  • He had spent a number of nights in May, 2018 with the woman at Hollywood Hotel The Jeremy and accidentally paid her $25,000 for the visit
  • Hunter would later get most of the money back, but he was then contacted by someone identified as Robert Savage III, a former Secret Service agent 
  • Texts between the two indicated that Savage was concerned about charges to an account related to ‘Celtic’, a code name for Joe Biden 

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