Cover Up Of Treasonous Crimes Committed By Joe Biden, Involving The Mainstream News Media, Continues.


Right now, the corporatized communist co opted media is desperately trying to conceal the fact that Hunter Biden, former Vice President Joe Biden’s son, had child porn on his laptop, and that laptop has been in the hands of the F. B. I. for the past 8 months.

Joe Biden has not denied any allegations in a New York Post article published last week that essentially reported that Joe Biden was using his office as Vice President, under the Obama Administration to personal enrich his own family, by tailoring American foreign policy to fulfill the desires of some of our countries greatest adversaries, like Communist China.

Please follow The New York Post’s coverage of the story below.

The fact that this evidence is just now coming to light, despite the fact the F.B.I. Had it in its possession for 8 months before a presidential election will be explored further in future articles.

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