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Arkansas Nurses Who Don’t Take the “Vaccine”, Which Is Actually An Experimental Gene Therapy That Has Killed More People Than All Vaccines In The Past 25 Years And Will Disproportionately Affect Black People, Are To Be Fired.

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One nurse tells his story.

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Those who follow me know I have been guarded but fairly pro COVID vaccine whether anyone liked it or not. As long as people were allowed to look at the facts and make up their own minds. I try to find the truth, not the popular position.

After an experience yesterday I am less pro-vaccine and not because of any ill effects of the vaccine. I went on a radio program to talk about the issue of the State of Arkansas considering giving hospitals millions of dollars of federal COVID money to bring nurses in from other states at $250/hour to relieve the COVID nursing shortage and hospital bed shortage. The problem with that is that many of hospitals have issued notice to our nurses that if they do not take the vaccine they will be terminated.

We would in effect be acting like strikebreakers to fund the hospitals and expensive out of state nurses as the hospitals terminate local nurses who because of their own observation of the vaccine and its effects and concerns about their own health have made different private medical decisions. And these are people who have worked faithfully throughout the pandemic crisis, not to mention in many cases, for decades.

But I was informed as we went on air that the national media company would not allow their hosts to discuss ANYTHING THAT MIGHT BE SEEN AS NEGATIVE ABOUT THE VACCINE. I should add the same media company is threatening its own employees if they do not take the vaccine. It came out yesterday that CNN is also firing or disciplining their employees for not taking the vaccine in case you thought you were getting the truth there.

Many ask for evidence of harm of the vaccines. I would hope that there is little or none. Truly. That isn’t the case.

You can be sure if we had a Republican Presidency in spite of the care about our health, this would not be happening. I don’t know all of the negatives about this vaccine. Because the government and the media is deliberately not telling me.

Some will attack me for being deliberately irresponsible for saying this. That is the game they are playing. Censor all bad information and attack anyone that says differently.

I don’t KNOW that there is anything seriously wrong. The reports I can read on my own look serious, but in absence of the media having experts truly analyze this from a neutral perspective, there is much I am not qualified to editorialize on in an educated way. I do KNOW that this is no way to operate in a free country and with a supposedly FREE PRESS.

I do know when I am investigating the government as a senator and I find out that officials/employees have been ordered not to talk to me or voluntarily share with me there has ALWAYS been something being hidden.

I hate to write this. I hate to be negative about the vaccine when I think that it is important that many have a vaccine and that it will, in spite of whatever problems there are, probably save a lot of lives. But we have to level with people about what the risks are. We were supposed to have learned from things like the Tuskegee syphilis experiments on unknowing black men.

Sounding the alarm that the media (and by the media I mean big corporations) is deliberately censoring the news, when I know it firsthand, is more important than all of us getting sick, however. If the choice is freedom of information and ideas or every member of my family, including the most vulnerable taking their chances with this virus I must choose freedom.

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