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Video – Lets Tell The Truth, Biden Has Always Been A Racist. Warning! Racist Language In Video.

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Joe Biden is unconstitutionally and fraudulently holding the title of President of the United States.

He holds this title after hiding in his basement and not campaigning for president during the home stretch of the 2020 campaign for POTUS.

The fascist and corporative media in this country, that is supposed to vet politicians, was part of the fraud perpetrated on the American people and the people of the world for that matter.

In the end he won half of the counties Barrack Obama did but yet received 10 million more votes. Don’t trust me. Research it yourself.

So, most people don’t know about the real Joe Biden, the racist and cynical liar he truly is.

The following video will give most people a new insight into the rich white compromised politician Joe Biden truly is.

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