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JUSTICE IS COMING! Kash Patel: Peter Strzok and Lisa Page Are Cooperating with John Durham #LoveBirds


Kash Patel: Peter Strzok and Lisa Page Are Cooperating with John Durham #LoveBirds

BARTIROMO: Wow. So they knew that it was garbage, and yet they stillpursued, pursued, pursued a FISA warrant to wiretap Trump Organizationmembers like Carter Page.Will John Durham reel in any big fish, in your view?

PATEL: Yes. And let – I believe so.

Let me just put this in perspective. When I was running large-scaleconspiracy and fraud investigations, they took me three, four or five years toprosecute. John Durham is only in his second year of the most politicalscandal in U.S. history.So I believe, within the next six months, look out for indictments against thefolks like Fusion GPS and Glenn Simpson for helping perpetuate this fraud.And look out for individuals like Lisa Page and Peter Strzok. I believe they’realready helping John Durham, they’re cooperating with him to get the biggerfish like the Andy McCabe, who is the biggest fraudster next to JamesComey.I think you’re going to see these indictments start coming out on theindividuals at the top. It’s just going to take a few more months, but I remindyour viewers it takes a little bit of time to work these matters.
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