He served on the Judiciary Committee for most of his 50 year career.

When anyone is elected, by the people, to Congress, they are not subject to an F. B.I. Background check.

If the F. B. I. happens to run across evidence of a crime being committed by a congressman they have to report it to the Judicial Committee of Congress to get authorization to investigate that congressman.

For over 30 years, as Chairman of the Judicial Committee, Conyers killed investigations into copious amounts of Marxists who went on to hold some of the highest positions in The United States Government, with some even reaching the White House.

What is disgusting to me personally as an Christian American, is when he passed away we were forced to endure a sacrilegious worshipping of this traitor by his comrades and cohorts in the United States mainstream media.

In closing, it would be a theft of history to not remember John Conyers as the traitor to his country he was.

Luke 8:17

King James Version

17 ) For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad.

The Washington County Auditor
Independent Investigative Journalist $tommytatumnews

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