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John Cena apologizes in Mandarin and declares love for China after calling Taiwan a country

Taiwan considers itself an independent, Democratic nation with its own government but the Chinese widely consider it a breakoff territory that they plan to invade and reclaim in the future.

  • Cena was being interviewed on Taiwanese TV to promote F9, the new Fast & Furious movie 
  • He said, in Mandarin: ‘Taiwan is the first country that can watch F9.’
  • Chinese fans were irate that he referred to Taiwan as a country, and not part of China
  • They flooded Weibo – where Cena has 600,000 followers – with complaints 
  • Taiwan sees itself as an autonomous democracy and nation but China considers it a Chinese territory that they will reclaim
  • Cena found himself at the heart of the complex issue and issued an apology, on Weibo, in Mandarin 
  • He groveled: ‘I love and respect China and Chinese people. I’m very, very sorry about my mistake.’ 
  • It is the latest example of Hollywood and big business bowing to China for fear of retaliation 
  • Fast & Furious 9 smashed through the box office during its May 21 release in China last weekend, raking in $148 million

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