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January 6th Prisoners Dress Up Like Cubans So GOP Will Finally Notice Them – Revolver

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January 6th Prisoners Dress Up Like Cubans So GOP Will Finally Notice Them

In a desperate bid to alleviate their plight, Trump supporters who are still being tormented in prison for participating in the January 6 Capitol incursion are identifying as Cubans in the hope Republican lawmakers will finally care about them.

Had 43-year-old flooring contractor Dominic Pezzola broken the window of an American small business last summer to let in looters, he might have received a token charge or even been heralded as a crusader for racial justice. Instead, the New Yorker broke a window at the U.S. Capitol. Even thought the New Yorker did nothing else other than smoke a cigar, he has spent six months in 23-hours-a-day solitary confinement. Pezzola has been denied bail twice, has been kept away from his 16-year-old daughter, and is unable to support his family, for which he was previously the sole breadwinner.

But despite being a de facto political prisoner of America’s own government, Pezzola’s case wasn’t attracting much interest from Congressional Republicans. Despite Marco Rubio tweeting over and over about political prisoners in Venezuela and Cuba, a letter to Senator Marco Rubio’s office was returned unopened, with flecks of foam still visible on it.

That was when Pezzola had a brilliant idea.

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