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Is Washington County Supervisor Mala Brooks Ever Going To Apologize For Her Racist Comments In The Past?

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Back when Washington County Supervisor Mala Brooks was a Leland Alderman, accusations of embezzlement had been made against her and her mother. During the city council meeting chaos unfolded.

At the very end of the ordeal you can hear Supervisor Brooks make some very nasty and racist comments. Please see end of clip below.

“…y’all bunch of evil racist black n****s doing me wrong…”

Since Mala Brooks has been a Washington County Board member, she has accused at least one other member of the board of having racially motivated biases. This leads The Washington County Auditor to ask, “Has Mala Brooks apologized for her own racist comments in the past?” We have looked and we can’t find one.

Below are the two YouTube videos that show the event over 12 years ago unfolded in it’s entirety.

The Washington County Auditor

Independent Investigative Journalist $tommytatumnews

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