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Is the U.S. Caving on Iran Sanctions? – The Dispatch

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Is the U.S. Caving on Iran Sanctions?
To try to wheedle Iran back into a nuclear deal, the administration is preparing to lift a raft of non-nuclear sanctions as well.

“We’re not questioning the—sort of the evidentiary basis of some of the sanctions that may have been imposed by the Trump administration,” Malley said, according to the State Department transcript (backing off from an earlier statement where he did exactly that). “What we’re questioning is whether those are consistent with a return to the JCPOA.”   

With the expiration dates of the JCPOA already taking effect and accelerating after 2023, the Biden administration’s policy of rejoining the 2015 nuclear pact already made little sense. After all, Iran concealed undeclared nuclear activities throughout the agreement and in violation of its obligations. But Malley’s statement that terrorism, missile, or human right sanctions can be inconsistent with the JCPOA turns a foolish policy into a dangerous one.   

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