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“I Do NOT Cooperate With Nazis” Hero Pastor Ejects “Wicked Evil Gestapo” Thugs AGAIN for Persecuting His Church, Implores The World “They Are Coming for Everyone…Wake Up or Else”


“They could do it another time.  They could do it another day.  But, No.” says the pastor.  Instead, they insist on disrupting his services again and again as a show of intimidation and force.

Artur exclaims that these are “Wicked, evil people.  Wicked evil people”  stating that people must “come to their senses while there is still time…there will be absolutely no NO rights whatsoever.  If they can get away with THIS they are going to come anywhere else.”
— Read on 100percentfedup.com/i-do-not-cooperate-with-nazis-hero-pastor-ejects-wicked-evil-gestapo-thugs-again-for-persecuting-his-church-implores-the-world-they-are-coming-for-everyone-wake-up-or-else/


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