Hunter Biden Announces Launch of $100K Per Cup Lemonade Stand on White House Lawn

Hunter Biden opened his very own lemonade stand on the White House front lawn Wednesday morning, citing a need for extra pocket change and a congenital passion for entrepreneurship.

“Business has always been my number-one passion in life,” Biden said. “Well, after having sex with my brother’s widow and then cheating on her with a stripper while doing tons of cocaine. That was always my top passion. But business is a close second.”

The lemonade comes in pink, cherry, and strawberry pomegranate flavors.

“No yellow,” Hunter explained.

But Hunter isn’t just shaking up the D.C. beverage market with his flavor choices. While the typical lemonade stand fare will cost a thirsty patron 25 cents, or a dollar in a nicer neighborhood, the First Son’s lemonade will sell for slightly more, at $100,000 per glass.

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