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How China has bought influence in Africa as US warns of new naval base there.

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Opened in 2017, this is China’s first overseas military base – but could soon be one of many located across Africa if those sounding the alarm in Washington are correct.

The Department of Defense warned last year that Beijing has ‘likely’ sought bases in Angola, the Seychelles, Kenya, and Tanzania, and just this week General Stephen Townsend – America’s top brass in Africa – warned a new naval base similar to the one in Djibouti could soon appear on Africa’s west coast.

Such a base, which could be located anywhere from Mauritania to Namibia, would allow China to project its growing military might not just across the Pacific Ocean but the Atlantic too, General Townsend said.

General Stephen Townsend, America’s top brass in Africa, warned this week of a new Chinese naval base in Africa that he said would allow it to project power across the Atlantic.
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