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Greenville, Mississippi, For The Love Of God, Vote For Catherine Gardner Today – Send Corrupt Tasha Bailey Kicking Rocks.


Greenville, Mississippi is one of the worst places to live in the country. Crime is ridiculous, taxes are too damn high and over 90 percent of elected officials are corrupt.

But if Greenville wants to start to make a change for the better, as the communities around Greenville are, then the voters have to step up.

Step up and go vote for Catherine Gardner for city council tomorrow, Monday October 4th.

Vote for Catherine, The Washington County Auditor endorses her. She is a more than decent woman with great ideas but most importantly, she isn’t an unconvicted crimminal like Tasha Banks is.

If Greenville is to get any better and the voters want to be taken seriously it has to start to vote the bums out.

You get the government you deserve.

Greenville deserves better – be better Greenville. It is your choice.

The Washington County Auditor
Independent Investigative Journalist $tommytatumnews

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