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Local council woman Tasha Bailey Banks has gone around town bragging to local officials that her FEDERAL CONVICTED FELON HUSBAND who was terminated from Greenville Public School District for stealing and improper purchases has threaten to hurt several members of the Greenville Public School District Board of Trustees if they don’t give him his job back.

Local person has stated that she is in contact with Dr. Debra Dace in a plot to destroy the current school board and to put their people back on there.

Does Councilwoman Banks know that this is a violation of Mississippi Code of Ethics and the citizens in which you are talking to are taking action and contacting them with real information and recordings?

A local school administrator has complained to Mississippi Code of Ethics department that she is using her positon to go around from school to school in the delta begging people to hire her husband who has several DUI’s on his record.

The question is Mrs. Banks how much PPP funding’s did you along with your new side kick Marla Brooks receive from your falsified businesses that have never existed.

But you have your mouth on everyone else. Remember the fake letters you submitted to the city council members just to try to stay in a position you should not have had in the first place. That act alone should have had you removed from the seat.

Mayor Simmons why you along with the council did not act on that manner??? The community is waiting on those anwers… Is the Board of Supervisors paying attention to the fraudulent travel fees that you’ve done not only twice but three times.

Community people have reported you to EEOC about false time sheets that you have submitted when you are actually at committee meetings with the city but still getting paid from another job.

Tasha this is just only the beginning of the series of stories that will get put out. We are demanding the change in the community. You’ve talked about white people and called them racist in their face at city council meetings but now beating their doors down trying to get them to vote for you. SHAME SHAME SHAME ON YOU…..A CHANGE WILL COME!!!


The Washington County Auditor
Independent Investigative Journalist $tommytatumnews

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