Greenville Judge Michael Prewitt Is Corrupt / Incompetent Trash And No-Knock Warrants Are Missing From Some Mississippi Courts

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Michael Prewitt should be ashamed to show his face in public.

Missing search warrants never to be seen again apparently run rampant within The Greenville Police Department and Judge Prewitt gives the thugs no knock warrants without them even asking, in a town where the coroners show up before the murder victims.

A town whose mayor is a credibly accused pedophile (who wont answer the charges) that once fined Christians $500 for going to church and is so incompetent his leadership cant run a water department without charging the poorest black folks in america $800 a month for water in a city that regularly spews it waste water into the Mississippi river.

Yes, this is common amongst Democrats, par for the course it seems.

This is Marxist Mississippi Congressman Bennie Thompson’s district, Mississippi 2.

The most corrupt county in the country some say.

Where murder investigations go to die.

Where the sherriff traffics in sex and drugs and murder – but cant read.

But perhaps all of Mississippi is this corrupt?

Ask Judge Prewitt about his collusion with the Greenville Police Department to cover up their crimes, including kidnapping. Yes, he was personally involved in such a case.

Law enforcement is supposed to return search warrants to the courts. In Mississippi, that often doesn’t happen, hampering the public’s ability to hold police accountable for dangerous no-knock raids.

Judge Prewitt never responded to our phone call for comment.

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