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Charges Filed Against Two Washington County Employees. One Charge Of Assault And Another For Making False Accusations Against Journalist.


This story was originally posted on Facebook on September 7th. Since then The Washington County Auditor’s Tommy Tatum has not received one phone call from anyone informing him about anything going on about the case.

Please click on the link below to watch the video to see how things unfolded.

“Going on nearly two weeks after an investigative reporter for The Washington County Auditor was assaulted at the Washington County Courthouse by an Washington County employee inside the Chancery Clerk’s office, nothing seems to have been done.

Mr. Tatum points out that at the end of the video you can hear Chancery Clerk, Marilyn Hansell make a false accusation against him to a deputy sheriff and he feels that is what led to the officer’s reaction.

What can’t be explained is why its been nearly two weeks and nothing has happened.

Mr Tatum states that he has so much as received a phone call about this incident since the day it happened.

Perhaps, however, there is a reason nothing has been done.

Later that evening The Washington County Auditor’s same reporter was illegally detained and assaulted by a member of The Greenville Police Department at a public election for Greenville City Council Ward 3.

Mayor Errick Simmons is yet to respond to a series of emails involving this issue as long as others from The Washington County Auditor.

The Washington County Auditor feels as if maybe these physical attacks and violations of constitutional rights is a result of comments made by Mala Brooks and Willie Griffin in the last Washington County board meeting.

Mr. Tatum said, “I think Mr Griffin should rescind himself from the current situation because I feel there is a conflict of interest and perhaps some bad blood between the county’s attorney and myself over a legal issue in the past, even though it just now dawned on me recently that perhaps that is the case”.

The Washington County Auditor can confirm that Mr. Tatum was the General Manager Of Delta Radio Network when Delta Radio threatened legal action against a non profit organization Mr. Griffin represented at the time. That situation, “…went on for nearly a year…,” Tatum said aging, “it got nasty at points”, “…but ended with the issue being settled out of court to the satisfaction of Delta Radio Network.”

Mr. Tatum will be addressing the board in an attempt to reach an amicable resolution tomorrow at 10:30 am tomorrow, September 8th at The Washington County Board Of Supervisors Meeting.

Video was not uploaded over night but will be uploaded as soon as the board meeting is over today.”

Today is Tuesday October the 6th and The Washington County Auditor’s Tommy Tatum is yet to have received a phone call about the incident after filing charges against the two individuals county employees.

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