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French bishop: Many get vaccinated ‘under coercion, in order not to lose their jobs’ | News | LifeSite

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French bishop: Many get vaccinated ‘under coercion, in order not to lose their jobs’

‘If the Church obviously passes negative judgment on the use of cells from aborted fetuses in the experimentation and manufacture of vaccines, what about the cooperation in evil of the users of these vaccines?’

The Catholic Church in France has predominantly chosen a compliant approach to the COVID-19 narrative, and its hierarchy has made clear its wide support for COVID restrictions and the government’s vaccine policy, not even condemning mandatory vaccination of health workers and people in assimilated professions that will become law by September 15 if the French Constitutional Court does not object. One courageous bishop, however, has expressed his concerns: Bishop Marc Aillet of Bayonne, Lescar and Oloron on the southern Atlantic coast.

Prudently but firmly, his long statement published last Friday on the diocese’s website poses a number of questions that challenge the French government’s handling of the COVID crisis, especially concerning vaccinations and the requirement of a severely discriminating “sanitary pass” being set up in France.

The “sanitary pass” means having to show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID under 48 hours old in order to access indoor and outdoor cultural and leisure venues where more than 50 people congregate. If the recent law adopted on Sunday enters into effect, besides mandatory vaccination for health professions mentioned above, the pass will be required in order to enter a restaurant or a bar, a hotel with communal facilities, hospitals and medical centers (except for emergencies), and long-distance public transportation, this amounts to a near lockdown for the unvaccinated.

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