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Fox: National Pulse “Bombshell” Links Daszak, Google, and COVID Origins. – The National Pulse

Fox: National Pulse “Bombshell” Links Daszak, Google, And COVID Origins

Fox News Primetime’s host said, “…for nearly a year Google has been working overtime to keep us from uncovering the true origins of Covid-19, and we may now be learning why… The same guy that may have played a crucial role in creating the novel coronavirus was in charge of finding its cause.”

He went on to explain Google’s connection, saying, “A bombshell report out by The National Pulse reveals that for over a decade, the tech giant’s charity arm, has been financially supporting Peter Daszak and his EcoHealth Alliance research.” One of these most recent coronavirus studies of Daszak’s, from 2018, states that Google made the study financially possible. “If Daszak is your prime suspect, Google was his business partner. So if he gets caught, Google gets caught.”

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