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Facebook Shadow Banned Our Story About Their Censorship of Dr. Hayek, A Well Respected Doctor In Greenville, Mississippi. His Insights Would Have Saved A Copious Amount Of Lives. Facebook Has Blood On Their Hands.

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Facebook Has Blood On Its Hands.
Dr. Hayek Greenville, MS

The images below are screen shots The Washington County Auditor took of its Facebook post about Facebook censoring Doctor Hayek of Greenville, MS. He was sharing his personal experience as a real doctor dealing with covid 19 patients in real time.

Surely, he was excited to share information that would save lives here in the Mississippi Delta. But Facebook censored his public post. Then The Washington County Auditor did a news story about Facebook’s censorship.

Remember this when Donald Trump’s class action lawsuit against Facebook goes to court. Because Facebook has Washington County Citizen’s blood on their hands.

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