Monday, December 6, 2021
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Facebook Has Censored The Washington County Auditor’s Facebook Page!

In an Orwellian and dystopian act, Facebook has Censored The Washington County Auditor’s ability to post on the Social Media’s Site

Facebook inadvertently admits the Hunter Biden emails are real?

Hard Questions: What’s Facebook’s Strategy for Stopping False News?

The publisher of The Washington County Auditor, Tommy Tatum states, “the picture in question, the one Facebook flagged against going against their community standards is actually ironic. Since Facebook has yet to admit the pictures in the post are authentic, how would they know if it went against their community standards or not? How am I to know?”

He continues to say, “ … so, if Facebook is saying what I posted goes against their community standards, that must mean that the picture in the post is real and Facebook knows it?

What is untrue? Facebook? Or what is not?

The Washington County Auditor has in its possession that it’s Facebook page has had a post “shadow-banned” by Facebook involving a story about a post from a local Greenville, Mississippi doctor having his posts censored by Facebook months ago as well

In the doctor’s post he explained how his early methods of treating covid 19 were very effective. His post was censored by Facebook he claimed because it went against what the W.H.O. claimed as reality, at that moment in time, in concerning approved thoughts about the disease and effective treatment for it.

See below to see who the people are that make these decisions. They consists of Reuters Staff member, and other left wing activist publications.

And we can only assume, that perhaps one of the six Chinese nationals that work for Facebook on its secret “censorship committee” were involved in this decision.

The “Ministry Of Truth”?

Oddly enough. What does not show up on the list is a story that was originally flagged and censored by Facebook as spreading misinformation about Covid 19 from the publisher’s personal Facebook post. That story wasn’t a story but a shared video found on Facebook and is clearly satire or parody.

That post that was flagged “as spreading misinformation about Covid 19, that video or post never once mentioned the words “covid 19” and neither does that text show up on screen.

That post was a joke/meme that someone had clearly created to make fun of a politician.

At this point The Washington County Auditor feels as if it was flagged for doing the story about our local well respected and trusted doctor discovering a treatment for covid I9 that could have saved our fellow citizens lives.

The Washington County Auditor
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