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Exclusive: Video Shows Sharkey County Board Of Supervisors, Mr. Sam Mathews Sr., Destroying His Tennant’s Water Pipes.

Sharkey County Board Of Supervisor Sam Mathews Sr. Caught Vandalizing Tennant’s water pipes!

Accusations Of Sexual Harassment

“I started renting from Sam Matthews Sr. October 1, 2018 until present. He has been a county supervisor for years so I didn’t expect anything less than professionalism.

A few months later, his contractor, Charles Ray Coleman told me that Mr. Matthews liked me. I responded with some negative comments and Mr. Matthews has been mean and unprofessional ever since then.

During my time here, every time there was a disagreement between Mr Matthews and I, the plumbing would stop working and the hot water, for weeks at a time. I got fed up with his advances, non working plumbing and threats of being thrown into the streets in March of 2020; packed and decided to move.

Integrity is The Only Moral Currency

My house was broken into at this time and my dodge challenger was scratched.

He began to fix the plumbing that day and everything has been downhill since.

I begin dating someone in April of 2020 and Mr. Matthews became very angry. He would give my boyfriend dirty looks and slam objects in his presence.

He began to refuse the rent in August saying that he was tearing down my trailer and bringing a new one. Due to the rural area we live in, there aren’t any vacant rental properties.

We got into another argument in September and the hot water and plumbing stop working that same day.

A few weeks later, I paid someone to finally fix it. He began to send texts lying like I was behind in rent and about my boyfriend.

Today, he called me at 7:30 am and I didn’t answer. As I was laying in bed, I kept hearing fumbling under the house that sounded like thunder. I finally got up and caught him on video destroying the pipes, hot water heater and he also keyed. my car.

The previous tenant who is a female text me after I posted the video and told me her residence was broken into, Clorox was poured on her belongings, and her air conditioning units were taken out.

Later on today his son, Sam
Matthews Jr, who is a principal for Hollandale School district came
to confront me and I have the video.

Police were called both times and absolutely nothing happen to either party.”

Nikki Cosey, did release a series of text messages between her and her landlord, Mr. Mathews, dating back several months to The Washington County Auditor as well. Please see them below.

In the text messages you can see that Nikki Cosey, at one point, feels that Sharkey County Board Supervisor Sam Mathews Sr. was seeking a sexual relationship with her.

Integrity Is The Only Moral Currency

Nikki Cosey has also provided a screenshot of where she has made several insurance claims for property and auto repairs. Please see below.

This is an ongoing story and The Washington County Auditor will be reporting what results of this issue as well as more claims from Nikki Cosey.

The Washington County Auditor
Independent Investigative Journalist $tommytatumnews

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Greenville Mayor Errick Simmons Honored By
U.S. Congress in the Congressional Record.

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