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EXCLUSIVE on the Third Jan. 6 Victim: Video of Trump Supporter Being Given CPR as Police Stand Around and Watch on Jan. 6

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EXCLUSIVE on the Third

Four Trump supporters were killed at the Jan. 6 protests.
** 35-year-old Veteran Ashli Babbitt was shot in cold blood by Lt. Mike Byrd inside the Capitol without warning
** 34-year-old Recovering addict Rosanne Boyland was killed by Capitol Police when they pushed her down and continued to push Trump supporters on top of her.
** 55 years old Trump supporter Kevin Greeson
** 50-year-old Trump supporter Benjamin Phillips

The fake news mainstream media continues to push the lie that Officer Brian Sicknick was killed by protesters on Jan. 6. This is a proven lie. Sicknick died from a stroke the day after the protests.

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