EXCLUSIVE: Gun Owners and Patriots on Veterans

Day Point Out Rittenhouse Case Is an Attack on Legal Gun Owners Acting in Self Defense

The Kyle Rittenhouse case is much more than a trial about a shooting and whether it was in self-defense or not.  The trial is about the ability of a gun owner to use a weapon in self-defense or not.  

TGP interviewed local warlord TJ Kirgin and his buddy, Alex Milberg, on Veterans Day 2021.  TJ runs the radio show ‘Shots Fired’ on RealTalk93.3 every Saturday from 11 to 12 noon.  TJ and his guests dive deep weekly into current events surrounding gun ownership, personal and home defense, gun safety, training, shooting sports, and constitutional law at the state and federal level as it pertains to gun rights provided under the 2nd Amendment.


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