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EXCLUSIVE: GBI investigation sheds new light on Rayshard Brooks shooting

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Former Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard said last June the GBI wasn’t needed on this case, pointing to extensive video evidence and eyewitness testimony of the deadly encounter between Brooks, Rolfe and another Atlanta Police Department officer, Devin Brosnan, at a downtown Wendy’s. He announced he was charging Rolfe with murder after a five-day investigation — three months before the GBI completed its probe.

Brooks was fleeing officers when he was fatally shot. Howard concluded that he posed no threat to officers in announcing murder charges.

Howard and the GBI, according to limited portions of the GBI report cited by Rolfe’s attorneys, reached starkly different conclusions on several key points.

The former DA said Brooks, who was suspected of drunken driving, was only “slightly impaired” while interacting with the officers. A toxicology report conducted by the GBI suggests he could have been under the influence of illicit drugs and alcohol. Howard also said Rolfe failed to render medical aid to Brooks after the shooting. The GBI says that he did.

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