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EXCLUSIVE! Devil Dace allowed Principal/Preacher Merritt to make rude comments to the school board.

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Story written by concerned citizen of Greenville.

“On Tuesday August 24, 2021 Dr. Debra Devil Dace allowed Dr. Wanda DEMON Meritt to insult and scream and tont the entire board of trustees in front of District staff and a live streaming audience.

She repeated and screamed I NEED HELP when she does not realize this only her first year being a principal of school with NO EXPERIENCE.

This religious preaching demon has torn up the rich culture of the Coleman High School Era. The sources have reported that she has teachers teaching in uncertified areas and allows teachers to act with the duties of assistant principals without even permission from the superintendent.

Why because the head devil Debra Dace allows it because this is her friend. The community is demanding the removal of Dr. Debra Dace as soon as possible, you allowed her to misappropriate 22 thousand dollars and now her and her family member Mitchell who is over the Maintenance department and the city drunk Michael Banks have grouped with a company to gain access to over 100k in false portable air conditioner purchases.

The community was listening to the board meeting. Please board stop them from hurting our kids. Sources have revealed that Dr. Meritt is planning a state takeover by allowing unethical things to take place at Coleman Middle School.

Each day there are over 4-5 fights at the school because the principal Dr. DEMON Meritt stated that SHE NEEDS TO CHANGE MUTHER FUCKING PROFESSIONS! But she is still there…please Stop this and Board do something about this.”

The Washington County Auditor

Independent Investigative Journalist $tommytatumnews

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