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Greenville Resident Frightened By Site Of Open Drug Deals And Prostitution At Motel In Greenville!


Supporters of The Wahington County Auditor seem to have had enough of the crime and corruption in Greenville, Mississippi.

Drug Deals And Prostitution In The Open At Greenville Motel Frightens Greenville Resident

The Wahington County Auditor has started to become inundated with complaints of police abuse, political corruption, sex trafficking rings, cover ups of murders, etc…

We have also started receiving anonymous financial support from some in the community to support our news service. We are thankful to those who we know have helped us and to those who have made anonymous donations to The Washington County Auditor

In the spirit of continuing to shine a light on what’s happening in the community and the recent support we have received we are able to continue to try help end the cancer of corruption within Washington County that keeps all of us within our community from moving forward.

This story comes directly from another local resident’s experience and concerns after she visited a local motel in Greenville.

“You should go do a story on the country inn behind the almate restaurant on 82. That’s LITERALLY a crack hotel that they pimp women out of and some women.

I don’t want my name mentioned though but I just rode threw there with a guy friend of mine and a black guy came up to our car asking of we was looking for some hoes to buy. And the other night I rode threw there looking for someone that might be staying there and 2 black guys were doing a drug deal out in the open in the middle of the parking lot like it was a normal thing, it actually scared me tonight.

I got away from there fast but it would be a good story for u to go check out urself right now you would see exactly what I’m talking about for yourself. “

The Washington County Auditor
Independent Investigative Journalist $tommytatumnews

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