Dr. Debra “I’m So Hungry”Devil Dace Sends Out Her Dismissal List.

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An anonynous whistle blower has sent The Washington County Auditor the following concerning Greenville Public Schools.

“In the latest news Dr. Devil Dace has let the community know that the following names are part of her plan of elimination before her contract ends in June 31 2022.

She has stated to several people that her primary focus if the three board members listed, “I played them to get the money from the air conditioners now I’m gone get rid of them so I can keep my job”.

The community complains of her attitude towards teachers, staff, and parents. The main question is what the board is going to do.

This list is a threat and I hope you all have consulted the proper people even though community stakeholder “Tasha Banks-Bailey (CAUSE SHE STILL SLEEPING WITH THE PREACHER) has acknowledged the police cheif is her God-Son.

How can you as a leader put out such a list on people who have the best interest of the students? Is it because you have been exposed to the possible misappropriation of funds, illegal hiring of friends just for high salaries, or the rudeness that you is to the board.

Community people are tired of this behavior for this woman she has poisoned the entire district…community people we must take a stand and get her away from here…she should not be serve in this seat as a leader at any school district in this state.

“Worst Principal in nation has Destroyed BEST JHS in Nation, THE MIGHTY TIGERS”

So Dr. Wanda Merritt has allegedly brought a gun in the school, The students are smoking and selling weed inside the building, sources heard her say at a local Double Quick “ITS FINE LET THE KIDS SMOKE, THE SOCIETY KNOWS THIS IS WHAT KEEPS THEM CALM”.

Why is Devil Dace allowing her to destroy the school and not put a stop to her? Each week a teacher is resigning from there but she is known for the quote “MY SHA-NA-NA” never leads me wrong. “FUCK THOSE KIDS, THE BOARD, AND THESE TEACHERS”.

This is my school and I run it the way I want to run it. I Am WANDA MERRITT AND THIS IS COLEMAN.

Dr. Dace’s chopping list

  1. Vanessa Wigfall
  2. Cannon( done)?
  3. Pam Dillard
  4. B. Sims( Emboyd)
  5. Andrea Brown
  6. Reva Pree (she tells on Calhoun)
  7. Eleisha Shaw
  8. Dr. Oliver Johnson ( still gathering evidence)
  9. Kayla Gines
  10. Williams( board member)
  11. Janice Vaugh( board president/call her smart A ?
  12. Pasty Childress( Coleman) ?
  13. Sharee Waston( Coleman)
  14. D. Palmer( Coleman) ?
  15. Britney Toole( Coleman)& her daddy (said it a conflict)
    16.Melvin Brown( Manning)
  16. Paula Galloway ( Coleman) ?
  17. Erica Dumas ( Coleman) ?
  18. Tanya Williams (Coleman) ?
  19. Patrese Rhodes ( Coleman) ?
  20. Charles Kibbee ?
  21. Janet Collins
  22. Chinn

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Please consider making a donation, we are 100% Funded By Donations.

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