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Donald Trump Wins Re Election!


Although the official results are yet to be certified. A look at demographics and voting trends in areas where votes have yet to be counted more than strongly suggest Donald Trump has won his reelection campaign.

However as the night grew long and vote counters grew sleepy from the counties in question,a decision to leave for the night and return and finish counting ballots in the morning, was made in Western Pennsylvania.

President Donald J. Trump

However President Trump gave a speech to supporters in the East Room Of The White House around 1:20 am central in which he said a sad group of people were trying to disenfranchise voters.

He states that he and his team were about to celebrate a historic victory, citing statistics that prove there is no way for his campaign to have lost the election,when news about Pennsylvania vote counters quitting the counting and going home for the night started coming into the White House.

This happened when the state of Pennsylvania was being won by Team Trump by a tremendous amount of votes, – 690,000 votes in with 64% of the vote count in.

Trump goes on to describe what he called a fraud to the American people and said he wants all voting to stop while his legal team takes the case to the Supreme Court in an attempt to stop “new votes” from being found overnight.

Vice President Pence then spoke and re-affirmed President Trump’s statements about being on the road to victory when the news in Pennsylvania came out.

So what happens now, well since this is a year like no other the truthful answer is even though the President says they have won the election, and all empirical evidence shows that he did win this election, on election night, law fare is what comes next.

This is when the voters rights to decide elections in this country is either taken away from them without a fight or their liberties are restored.

By what means either will happen it yet to be revealed, but who’s revelation is surely just around the corner.

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