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Exclusive! Greenville City Council Member Tasha Banks Passed Out Forged Letters From School Board Members Asking For Mrs. Banks To Continue As School Board Liaison.

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Apparently Greenville Public School Superintendent Dr. Dace and Greenville City Council member Tasha Banks absolutely love the current situation with Tasha Banks being the school liaison for the city.

So much in fact that Dr. Dace found it necessary to write two letters from Greenville Public School Board Members, praising Tasha Banks and wishing to keep her as the city’s liaison to the school board. She then forged their signatures using a computer that the school board must have on file.

Those two school board members did not write those letters is what the anonymous source told The Washington County Auditor.

Tasha Banks deliberately shows the documents to some of the Greenville City Council members before the meeting yesterday.

This appears to be a criminal activity, certainly unethical and should be investigated.

Corruption and fraud has plagued Greenville and its time for a change.

There is no better place than to start with two people who are supposed to be role models for our children.

If kids learn by example God help the kids that go to Greenville Public School.

The Washington County Auditor

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