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Democrats Are Leading Us To A Civil War – Patriots VS Tyrants

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Ever since Joe Biden’s theft of the 2020 Election Democrats have been stoking the flames of political division. It started with AOC calling for Trump supporters to be put on a list. One Democrat congresswoman suggested Trump supporters to “Be Careful” then eluding that the military “Knows What To Do”.

It has only escalated since then. Now being a Christian, white, veteran, male and whatever else lunatic Democrats can contort reality to explain as being racist – and thats everything. Math is racist to the communists.

80 plus million 2020 Election Trump voters have been holding their powder and watching how everyday their government finds a new way to describe them as a terrorist.

Sooner or later Trump supporters are going to start to believe these tyrants and start preparing for war. Literal war- a civil war, right here on American soil.

And why shouldn’t Trump supporters not prepare to face a coming Democide? They have watched Democrats pass legislation that is openly hostile to them. legislation that labels them as “terrorists”.

The truth is over a quarter of our government are literal communists. Unlike the “useful idiots” on the left, Trump supporters are educated about what communism brings. It brings misery and death.

Communism killed over 100 million people last century, and now American Communists want another shot at it and have Trump supporters in their crosshairs.

If the Democrats don’t stop with their dishonesty and incendiary antics, straight from Mao’s “Little Red Book” and calling their fellow american citizens “terrorists” a civil war will be sparked.

The truth is it has already. Patriots will have to take this country back from the godless tyrants who have violated their oaths of office and have already started a propaganda war against Trump supporters.

A kinetic civil war is surely on the way. Democrats seem to want one, they want Trump supporters in concentration camps.

A reckoning is on the way, if Democrats don’t stop with their incitement and demonization of Trump supporters.

There are way more Patriots than Tyrants. And Trump supporters don’t struggle with trying to figure out if they are a boy or girl, they struggle with deciding which of their guns is their favorite.

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