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COVID jabs could ‘potentially kill thousands’ of kids: former HHS epidemiologist – LifeSite


COVID jabs could ‘potentially kill thousands’ of kids: former HHS epidemiologist

Why must I make this stark statement, and why would regulators such as the US’s FDA and Canada’s Health Canada be considering this action when they know that the requisite safety testing has not been done?

I am not against vaccines in themselves, for they have made a tremendous beneficial impact and play a key role in the well-being and longevity of human beings. However, I am against improperly developed vaccines. Those developed for COVID-19 have been sub-optimal, and the safety testing is lacking, particularly the requisite duration of safety testing follow-up. But, for this article, my focus is on our children.

The risk of severe illness or death from COVID-19 in children is almost nil (statistical zero), and this evidence has accumulated for well over a year now; in fact, we have known this for over 15 months. It is clear that children are at low risk of spreading infection to other children, or spreading it to adults, as seen in householdtransmission studies, and this is settled scientific global evidence. This implies that any mass injection/inoculation or even clinical trials on children are unethical and potentially associated with significant harm.

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