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Corruption Or Incompetence? The Greenville P.D. Internal Affairs Refuses To Hear Charges Of Assault Against Department Officer.

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Weeks back while trying to cover a special city councils election for Greenville Ward 3, The Washington County Auditor’s Tommy Tatum had his civil rights violated and was also assaulted, in his opinion by a Greenville Police Department Officer.

After repeated attempts to file charges against the officer Mr. Tatum was finally allowed to meet with The Greenville Police Department’s Internal Affairs Department. .

Please listen to photo video attached to hear the entire interaction.

There are gaps of silence in the audio as it was a discussion and papers were being reviewed at times.

Greenville Police Department, Internal Affairs Division.
Integrity Is The Only Moral Currency

The issue has been reported to the F. B. I and The Washington County Auditor was informed a preliminary look will be taken to see what’s steps may need to be taken moving forward.

According to Mississippi Law all charges of assault against a law enforcement officer is to be turned over to the Washington County District Attorney for investigation.

The Washington County Auditor

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