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Congressional Candidate Brian Flowers, The Man Bennie G. Thompson Is Afraid To Debate And Is Running Against Comrade Bennie, Releases Statement About January 6th Commission Show Trial.

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This statement is being made due to the announcement of Bennie Thompson being named as the Chairman of the January 6th Insurrection Commission.

The event on January 6th 2021, where a group of people rushed into our nation’s capital illegally has been severely publicized and turned into an political attack by Democrats in Washington, D.C.  The Democrats in Washington have gone as far as lying and blaming President Trump for these actions.  They impeached President Trump for a second time over this matter, in an attempt to keep him from being able to run for President in the future.  Fortunately, they were unsuccessful.

The Democrats in Washington have now put together a commission to “investigate” what happened and to “identify” other potential parties involved.  Instead of appointing a bipartisan commission to conduct this investigation, the Democrats have appointed Bennie Thompson as the head of this commission and by doing so, they have shown their bias and hatred for President Trump and his supporters.

Joe Biden and the Democrats in Washington have already vowed to come after each and every supporter for President Trump.  This commission is just another way for them to fulfil that promise.

Bennie Thompson is absolutely the wrong person to sit at the head of this commission. Bennie Thompson is one of the most crooked and partisan politicians in Washington. Not only has he been very open and outspoken about his hatred for President Trump, but also for every one of President Trump’s supporters. There is, in no way, that Bennie Thompson will be able to develop and maintain a bipartisan commission. The outcome from this socalled investigation will be full of lies and half-truths.

If an investigation is going to happen regardless, then just as the Democrats did regarding the Russia Investigation, the Republicans in Washington must push to have an honest and bipartisan commission developed to conduct this investigation.  Not a commission lead by Bennie Thompson.

The people that have already been arrested in connection with the event on January 6th, still have not had a court date set and are still sitting in jail. This violates their rights as Americans to a fair and speedy trial. This is just one of many examples of the distain and bias attitude that the Democrats in Washington have for the American people.

The Washington County Auditor

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