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PEDOPHILE ALERT!Coleman Middle School Teacher Accused Of Inappropriate Actions Towards A Young Female Student At School On Facebook.


“Hello my name is Veronica Hall. I dropped my daughter off at Coleman Middle School yesterday morning to take a test.

She told me wen she was taking her test on the laptop the teacher Javis Ware walked up beside her and started moving her hand to the correct answer.

When class was over Mr. Ware told my daughter Connika Hall to go stand in the corner and told the other kids to go outside to see if their ride was out there.

Mr Ware then went to my daughter and ask her do her mother check her phone, can she sneak out the house.

When she told him No why, he then stood on his tiptoes grab my daughter hands and tried to force it down his pants

She den snatch her hands away from him and walked out. He walked out behind her telling her not to get him in Trouble. Shorty I pulled back up to get her they was the only 2 that was standing outside.

When I pulled up he walked up my truck and started talking to me. He ask me to let my daughter stay at Coleman wit me. When I pulled off I seen my daughter eyes getting watery that’s when she told me what had happen.

She said Ma please don’t let me go back to that school anymore. ”

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