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Exclusive! Video: During Greenville City Council Meeting, Member Tosha Banks Hurls Profanity, Suggests “Her People” Are Getting “Spring Fever” And Suggests Not So Subtly That Fellow Council Member Al Brock Is Racist!

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During Greenville’s last city council meeting a debate over wether or not to have a festival or carnival in a certain neighborhood broke out into a shout fest between some of the members.

Then Tosha Banks shouts the F*** word during the meeting and is extremely rude and obnoxious to the person seeking the permit

The entire meeting was chaotic and some parts are hard to make out. So you can listen for yourself and make up your own mind. .

Vernon Greenlee explains that he thought it would be a good idea so the kids could get out and play basketball and baseball. He expressed that sentiment, presumably, to the reality of the kids in Greenville having been on lockdown due to the pandemic.

Tosha Banks seemed to be concerned about the safety of the people who live in the community, citing a person having been hit by a car.

Tosha Banks makes an extremely racist comment about “Her People” having “Spring Fever”at one point. “Her people” she is referring to we are assuming is black.

This was in response to when Al Brock made the comment that he used to live in the neighborhood in question at the meeting for the fair.

Then she has the gall to insinuate that Al Brock moved from one neighborhood to another to get away from black people.

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